505 mph DS world record 22nd Nov 2014 Weldon CA

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On November 22nd, 2014 at around 2.30 pm local time, Bruce T. flew a new Dynamic Soaring world speed record of 505 mph (810 kph) at the hill in Weldon, CA. He used a Kinetic 130 sailplane ballasted to about 26 lbs. The wind was between 55 and gusts up to 65 mph and temperature was 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I had the extreme pleasure to be watching the flight alongside Alan Cocconi who was at the radar gun. Bruce just 30 minutes earlier did a 503 mph pass, and on this same flight seconds ago he made a pass at 504 mph so it was a very consistent performance indeed! A magnificent sailplane, outstanding flying and a great bunch of very dedicated people loving their sport! Sorry for my inappropriate language in the commentary. I was excited…on the last lap, the plane got hit at the lower turn by a massive gust and got sucked down way below where we and the pilot could see it. Luckily, it shot back up but so fast nobody saw which way it went. You then know why you should always go for cover behind a very massive rock during the whole flight. Kinetic energy of a 26 lbs plane at 500 mph is roughly the same a car of 3000 lbs has at 65 mph…! Watch it at 720HD setting or you won’t see the plane. And one last personal comment…this won’t hold very long. The passes just before and after the 505 mph pass seemed faster to me…or is it just wishful thinking?

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